Welcome To SKACEC Co.
We Design and Build Business & Personal iPhone / iPod /Android / Windows & Mobile Web Apps. We also create Game Apps. You Think Of It, We'll Create It...

Our mission is simple…provide a fast, affordable and super easy to use mobile platform service which can cater to all people and businesses who are looking to promote, sell, and drive more revenue to their profession or themselves.

With the recent “App Revolution”, we realized that most people, unless you are a celebrity figure, professional athlete, or mega business owner, it was very difficult and expensive to create your own mobile app. Time after time we have read stories of mobile app developers charging tens of thousands, yes tens of thousands of dollars per customer to create an app. Frankly, we felt that this was very unfair to most people, so we use a special software platform that makes it more affordable and definitely without the cost of paying for an individual programmer.

So, whether you are a Small Business; Fortune 500; Athlete; Celebrity or a Proud Family Member we can help you.

Liza (Director)

services offered

App Design and Creation
Personal or Business Apps branded for you. Reviewed, Tested, Uploaded to App Store. Complete process from start to finish.
Game App development
We bring your app idea into reality. Complete Game App Development and Design.
Website Design
Whether you are in need of a blog or a full service website, we can create the perfect website for you.